Meet Katelyn

I’m Katelyn Andrew and creator of PnwMotherhood. I am from the PNW ↠ Pacific Northwest of Washington. I hold many titles and the one I hold closest to my heart is being a mother. I’m an entrepreneur and strive to manifest my goals and ambitions. I’m a coach and help bring women up and support them. I’m a homeschooler and share my tips. I’m a writer, a storyteller, and a content creator. 

I started out on Instagram just to find some support from other mothers.

out on Instagram just to find some support from other mothers now I’ve surrounded myself around amazing Instagram creators and mothers and its truly like a little community. While I was sharing my journey, some brands reached out about working together and that’s how I learned about becoming an “influencer”. How amazing is it that mothers and creators can earn an income doing what they enjoy, sharing and creating online. Since I always enjoyed sharing and writing, I branched out and also created this lovely blog and what a journey that has been. 

I’m only sharing things that are truly aligned with my morals- items and things I use and do daily because at the end of the day I’m here to connect with people not sell an item, but of course if you do ever buy through my link I am forever grateful. Everything goes back into creating more content and helping me provide for my family.



social– @pnwmotherhood