Derma E Peptides & Collagen Skin Care Line


My Skincare Story :

I have had serious questions as to if my skin would ever be the same after the serge of pregnancy hormones with my son. Post pregnancy my skin was so easy to care for with hardly any breakouts. People often asked for my skincare routine and I honestly never had one, I just bought whatever sounded okay at the drug store. These product had less than impressive ingredients but at the time I didn’t really know it mattered. My post pregnancy skin is something I certainly took for granted- what I wouldn’t give to go months without a breakout. My son is now three and a half and I am still struggling with break outs. 

For the last two weeks I have been using Derma E, with promising results I feel comfortable enough saying I will continue using them, I feel like my skin is reacting very well to the ingredients and is healing. I have noticed my skin becoming toned and my breakout spots fading. My skin has never felt softer and if I do say so myself, glowing. 

The Derma E Products I’m Using : 

Advanced Peptide & Collagen Serum

Advanced Peptide & Collagen Eye Cream

Advanced Peptide & Collagen Moisturizer 

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment Oil 

These products are made for targeting aging { fine lines, wrinkles, aging spots } nourish and improve the over all appearance of your skins texture and tone. Packed with plenty of Vitamins like A, C, & E as well as antioxidant rich ingredients like green tea!  

Youthful unparalleled suppleness is the goal they set out to give you.

My Routine :

Morning : after washing face 

serum- eye cream- moisturizer.

Night : after washing face

serum- eye cream- treatment oil. 

In my opinion all the products smell of lavender except the treatment oil which is suppose to be fragrance free but smells absolutely amazing like pine wood. 

The Benefits Of using Derma E products :

They always use environmental friendly packing materials. This company cares about what there putting out into the world and what we are putting in our bodies. This is a brand I trust. 

The Benefits of Peptides & Collagen :

Did you know as you get older your body slowly stops naturally producing collagen? Descension of collagen effects for the skin are aging spots, fine lines, loss of elasticity and wrinkles and usually starts in the face. 

Peptides are made of amino acids and are found in proteins such as Collagen. Peptides are the cell regulator and have the potential to stimulate collagen production.  

Adding collagen to you diet doesn’t only benefit your skin it is said tp maintain healthy musculoskeletal system, strong joints and tendons, as well as help support organs. 


Thanks for checking out my article with Derma E skincare, your support is greatly appreciated.

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